Welcome to this website, it's name is Animax. I created this webside during the COVID-19 outbreak. I'm currently not allowed at school but I would rather I was due to the fact I would work more and concentrate better but, it is what it is. Anyway use the navigation bar to look around and be sure to try my GAME SITE!!! Packed with loads of games that Ive created, hope you enjoy them. If so head over to the contact page and let me know. You will also find yourself a gateway to the shoutout page on that page to show the other websites I have built for others to use.


Hey guys, it seems that the more I code then the more games I create for this website. To "Shortcut" to the games for you i have descided that I will put the games with the descriptions on the game page but there will also be links to the same games under here, just making it an easier access for you. Oh and just to say, this website is way better than my original as I spent more time and effort on this one. Anyway without further adieu the game shortcuts! Thank you, ANIMAX